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What a great 2023 we had. In January 2023 we held an Open Evening. As a result of that we have 14 new members who are now

well established in the choir. We are now back to strength with 70 members in the choir but we would welcome interest from

Bass and Tenor. (See Website - Membership).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you the audience. Following the difficulties that covid presented us with, our audience numbers are almost up to the level that they were prior to the pandemic. Secondly, I am amazed at the audiences' generosity in supporting out charities through our retiring collections. Many, many thanks!

Under Ben's guidance and enthusiasm we are continually learning new repertoire and he continually 'raises the bar' in terms of

introducing challenging, demanding and original items that he has often composed or arranged.

He has encouraged choir members to audition for solos and small group parts. These have consequently enhanced our concert

programmes. Indeed in our October 12th concert we will be celebrating the range of talents within the choir.

Anita Morris (Chair)

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